The new generation of auditors.

We make auditing fun!

We are the new generation of auditors.

Delivering quality and working efficiently: that’s the future of auditing. Passionate auditors developed our data-driven audit approach to provide clients new insights and deliver a great audit experience. We continuously innovate our audit approach to be more effective. Our ambition is to be the most innovative audit company in the Netherlands!

To achieve these goals, we nurture our innovative culture, have a fulltime data-analytics team, push innovation and enjoy our innovation days in the office with our whole team. Flexibility, quality, output and not being afraid to think out-of-the-box: that is what we expect from our talents. This is how we ensure that we meet the high quality standards within our profession.

We do it differently.

the Innovative generation
Just checking, we don’t do that.
We make auditing efficient and innovative.
We do this with handy online portals for our clients.
And data analyses that give us faster and better insight into transactions, figures and trends.

the Personal generation
We love you and our family: Our team consists of a diverse group of people who like to take action and enjoy life. We strive for personal growth and to invest in our team with day-to-day training and coaching. Take care of each other, support the team and prevent overtime!

the Fun generation
Quality is delivered when you feel secure, relaxed and are mentally and physically fit. That’s why we invest in vitality with sports challenges, team events and great get-togethers. Combining our passion for audit and fun, we stay in our creative and happy flow.

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Our team.

drs. Corinne Haenen RA

drs. Mark van Diermen RA

drs. Heiko Moraal RA

Pim Carstens MSc RA