Manager of Audit at The Audit Generation

Fulltime / parttime

Would you like to take on a challenge where you are in a leading role? And where delivering quality and working effectively are essential? We focus on innovation and digitalization to ensure we do everything just a little differently. And you can tell the client! Excited yet?

How you can make a difference

You are an all-rounder. By managing clients, your team, the budget, planning and audit files, you deliver added value to our organization. You also closely monitor operational processes to support continuous improvement. If you are excited guiding starting and experienced auditors this is the job for you! Working in a pleasant innovative working atmosphere will give you the tools to accelerate.

This is what’s waiting for you

  • You are co-responsible for leading the audit team and implementing our innovative audit process

  • You identify and initiate optimization and consulting opportunities with customers

  • You make data analyses client specific and see opportunities to automate repetitive audit activities

  • You will review the results of our data analyzes with clients and explain our approach to them. Clients love reviewing their own data, especially through the eyes of the auditor.

  • You identify and initiate optimization and consulting opportunities with clients. You are involved in acquiring new clients and have a lot of contact with existing clients

  • You are a coach for starting auditors and employees in the audit team

Do you like the challenge?

You love to work with numbers, teams and exciting clients. You have a constant focus on quality, which ensures that only the best work will be delivered. You are stress resistant and a real ‘fixer’. We will therefore be happy to give you the opportunity to take responsibility and to make your dreams come true. You also encourage and motivate your team to do the same and you guide them in a goal-oriented way. In short: you are a real go-getter!

What we expect

  • You are in possession of a post-master RA.

  • You have >over 6 years of experience in the audit practice.

  • You can think out of the box

  • You have a passion for our profession

  • You have a professional critical attitude

  • Respect our flexible culture and ensure a trusted environment for all. Above all, you are eager to work in an ambitious and innovative audit firm.

We are offering:

  • Fun sports challenges

  • A fun team (events, Friday afternoon drinks, joint lunches, sport challenges etc.)

  • The opportunity for continued growth and development, even if you are experienced

  • Self-managing teams with short lines

  • Working with MLE, MS Teams, and any other integrated Microsoft tools we use in the audit process

  • A great salary

  • A great place to work in a modern and innovative organization

  • Opportunities to develop in all areas of our practice as you work with an ambitious partners team with a BIG-4 background

  • Varied work

  • An excellent work-life balance and evenings / weekends off to enjoy with the family (yes, also during busy season).

The Audit Generation does it differently

The Audit Generation is an audit firm with courage. We challenge the standard way of auditing. Our data analytics are improved every day as one of our partners has a full time commitment in our innovation and effective working papers.

Delivering quality and working efficiently using new tooling: that’s auditing in the future. Our vision is to enjoy the audit process. Through continuous innovation, we are, for example, making the auditing of financial statements even more effective. This increases employee happiness significantly! This means less manual and repetitive work and more time to dive into the depths of the audit process.

Working flexibly in order to maintain a good work-personal balance is one of our top priorities. We believe that employees should be able to plan their own week and determine when it is convenient or not to work at the office or at home. Only when that balance is right talent does really come into its own.

You can become part of The Audit Generation team! The new generation auditors. We invest in innovation, fun and quality. Our teams decide the conditions of their working environment, work flexibly and are certainly not afraid to step out of the normal way of working by doing things differently. That’s how we make auditing fun!

Our job application process.

Facetime or Skype or Office
Our first introduction is via a video call or meeting in the office. Efficient and effective!

Event of your choice
We’d like to get to know you in your comfort zone. You choose how we get to know you in real life; by working out together, having a drink or a nice lunch: everything is possible.

Team introduction
We work with self-managing teams. Therefore we think it is important that you meet the team before you are hired. They play a role in the application process and the final decision.

Do you have great chemistry with The Audit Generation team? Then you will receive a great offer with good employment conditions. Welcome! Welcome!

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