‘I work with everyone and I really like the open atmosphere.’

– Dylan, assistant auditor

Developing yourself while working: at The Audit Generation it is possible. Dylan has been working as an assistant auditor at The Audit Generation for a year now, and is also following a pre-master’s program. ‘The hours I study are paid for. Just like my books and half of my studies.’ Read his full story below.

What’s your role at The Audit Generation?

As an assistant auditor I support audit seniors. At the moment we are doing a lot of balance sheet procedures. I compare this year’s figures with those from last year and verify if there’s nothing strange or striking. Is that the case? Then I talk to the company’s audit senior and ask, for example, why the figures differ so much from those of last year. I am interested in the operational processes of the companies and their developments.

How did you join The Audit Generation?

When I graduated, I immediately went looking for work. I posted a message on LinkedIn, an open application that I was ready for a new challenge. I immediately received a message from Mark, who wanted to talk to me about a job at The Audit Generation. I thought it would be very interesting, so we arranged to meet. It felt really good from the start. I felt he was telling me an honest story. That’s why I ultimately chose this company!

Why do you enjoy working at The Audit Generation?

It is a small organization with a pleasant team and a flat organizational structure. I work together with everyone here, including the partners. Of course you work more with seniors than others, but everyone is always willing to help if I have a question. I really like that open atmosphere. It enables me to grow!

What do you enjoy most about working at The Audit Generation?

One of the main reasons I wanted to work at an audit firm is the variety. You work for a lot of different clients, so you never get bored, and you keep learning new things.

“This week I worked for an IT company, last week for a fruit company, and the week before that for a production company. Each branch has its own challenges and peculiarities.”

– Dylan Moerland, assistant auditor at The Audit Generation

That’s what makes the work in audit so interesting. A wide range of companies give you an insight into their operational processes. Why do they do what they do, and why do they make certain choices? Super interesting, and also very interesting for my own development!

“The Audit Generation does a different job.” How?

They pay a lot of attention to the work-life balance here. The partner monitors whether you are not working too much. The way you organize your working day is also very flexible. For example, I usually start work at around 7 o’clock, and then I can go home in the afternoon. And if I want to go to the office a little later? Then that’s no problem either! I think that is different at other offices. There is certainly no 9-to-5 culture here.

What is being done for your personal development within the company?

In addition to my work at The Audit Generation, I am taking a preliminary course for the master’s degree in Accountancy. This means that I have to attend my studies one day a week. Nevertheless, I have a 40-hour contract at The Audit Generation. So the hours I study are paid by The Audit Generation. Just like my books. In short: they are very involved in my personal development here. In addition we have innovation days in which we all participate to improve our own processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

The website lists “fun” as one of its pillars. How does that manifest itself in real life?

In daily work there is already a pleasant, informal atmosphere. When I’m working in the office we really don’t sit down all day working, we have a chat or tell a joke. That’s very important for your job satisfaction and your performance.

Because there is usually no one in the office on Fridays, we have our Friday afternoon drink on Thursdays. We also often have team events, or we play sports together. Our sport challenges are a great example.

In what ways do you think The Audit Generation is innovative?

Lately, they have been busy automating processes at our company. This automation means that we receive all the data in the form of graphs and tables. This gives us an immediate overview and we no longer have to search for deviations between thousands of lines ourselves, for example.

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