“Occasionally I get an
email with: “Great job, champion!”

– Angela, audit senior

A flat organization with a friendly work atmosphere where everyone can contribute ideas and seize opportunities. Too good to be true? Not according to Angela, one of our audit seniors. Read her story below!

What exactly do you do at The Audit Generation?

I am an audit senior at The Audit Generation. This means that I supervise and coach an audit team. I make sure that all audits go smoothly and that they are optimized for the client where necessary. I also go along to (proposal) meetings with clients, where I present the results of our audits and data analyses.

In addition, I get the chance to take on smaller tasks that an audit senior does not normally do, such as job interviews. Which I really enjoy! The office is still so small that there is no separate department for this. This allows me to learn new skills and keeps my work varied.

How did you come to join The Audit Generation?

Before I joined The Audit Generation, I worked at Tax Authorities as an audit employee. Although I enjoyed working there, I noticed at some point that I was ready for a new challenge.

At the same time, I happened to listen to a podcast by The Audit Generation that was very interesting. Then I looked at their website and saw the quote: “The Audit Generation does it differently”. This made me curious. So I sent them a message to see if we could meet. Before I knew it, I had a new job!

“The Audit Generation does a different job” How?

Now that I work here, I have come to understand what this means. We challenge the old standard of auditing and constantly innovate and optimize.

“Through our data analytics, I can discuss really relevant topics with our clients and add value. All through our auditing process. I think it’s really cool!”

– Angela van Westreenen, audit senior at The Audit Generation

I also see the difference between a large and a small organization. At The Audit Generation I walk in at Mark or Corinne, explain what the difficulty is and then I can get on with it immediately. It’s nice to work with such short lines. You can easily discuss and everything goes very quickly.

There is little hierarchy in our office. Mark and Corinne want a starter to be able to approach them just as easily as someone who is more experienced. They always take time for you when you have questions or new ideas. This is how you grow!

Why do you enjoy working at The Audit Generation?

The atmosphere in the workplace is perfect. And we do a lot of sports together as a team. For example, we recently participated in the audit sport challenge. We also go on many other outings, have nice lunches together and Mark and Corinne are very appreciative. Every now and then you get a thank you present`, or sometimes just an email saying ‘Great job, champion!’. That gives me motivation and a good feeling.

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