“The opportunities you get are fantastic. Anything you want can be arranged, as long as you initiate it yourself.”

– Rowena, audit supervisor

Time for personal development, a flexible workweek and lots of fun. It’s all possible at audit firm The Audit Generation! Read below how audit supervisor Rowena experienced her first year at the firm.

What exactly do you do at The Audit Generation?

As audit senior I am responsible for the audits and managing the assistant auditors. They mainly do the executive part of the audit and I look at the risky items and check the questions before they go to the client. In this way, the quality always remains high.

In addition, I would like to do more with data analysis. That’s why I’m more and more involved with the team of our data analysts. I find data extremely interesting, but there is still a lot to learn. At The Audit Generation I get the opportunity to invest a lot of time in this, and that gives me a lot of energy.

How did you come to join The Audit Generation?

That’s a funny story, because I wasn’t looking for a new job at all. An acquaintance happened to hear a podcast with Mark (founder of The Audit Generation) in it, and he encouraged me to listen to the podcast as well. In that podcast they talked a lot about data-driven audits, something that seemed very interesting to me at the time, but was not yet available at my previous employer.

Then I decided to send a cover letter myself and went into the online interview with an open feeling. The interview went so well that I immediately signed a contract. So it went superfast and impulsively, but fortunately with a very good outcome.

Why do you enjoy working at The Audit Generation?

The work is very nice because of the flexibility. You can organize your own time and choose your own work place, as long as the work is of a high quality. For example, I work at home today because there are a lot of traffic jams on the road, which saves me a lot of time.

What do you enjoy most about working at The Audit Generation?

The best thing about working at The Audit Generation is the possibilities you get. Anything you want can be arranged, as long as you initiate it yourself. I also really like the fact that you have a lot of contact with clients. This makes auditing a very social profession. Job satisfaction is a priority and therefore the match with the client must also be good.

“The Audit Generation does a different job.” How?

In my opinion, The Audit Generation does things differently by putting employees first. I notice that working together is central at The Audit Generation, rather than working for clients on your own. When something isn’t quite right with a client, real attention is paid to it.

What is being done for your personal development within the company?

Everything you need is offered. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a study or personal development. For me, data analysis was a real trigger to start working here and it’s great that I now get all the space I need for that. So they have fulfilled what I came for. A lot of attention is paid to what you want and you get all the space and freedom.

The website lists “fun” as one of its pillars. How does that manifest itself in real life?

Most companies often have Friday afternoon drinks. Since many employees at our company study on Fridays or are free, we moved the get-together to Thursday afternoons.

In addition, I just happened to receive an invitation to a work event. Previously, we have had a sports challenge. I was just hired at The Audit Generation and was immediately asked if I wanted to join Mud Masters. So even before I started working for The Audit Generation I was already involved in the team. I experienced that as very positive.

“The freedom is there to come up with your own ideas for team events, and also to organize them yourself. As a result, we often do a variety of things!”

– Rowena Dreese, audit senior at The Audit Generation

Why do you think the auditors at The Audit Generation are “the new generation of auditors”?

I think the auditing profession is in a fixed pattern, and many auditors think it’s difficult to break out of it. The Audit Generation is just exploring the different possibilities! We are trying to change the image of auditors and the field of work.

The image is that as an auditor you work 80 hours a week, while with us it’s just 40 hours a week. You can also organize these 40 hours flexibly. So there is not such a high workload as people often think. In addition, people often think that you are employed by a client, while at The Audit Generation we are very much committed to working together with a client. I think these things characterize The Audit Generation as a ‘new generation of auditors’.

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