“As a senior manager I am involved in all aspects of the work. I think that’s extremely valuable and it gives me the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge everywhere.”

– Ben, senior manager

Fun, innovation and personal growth. When you join The Audit Generation, you get it all. Read below how senior manager Ben experienced his first year!

What exactly do you do at The Audit Generation?

I’m a senior manager at the Audit Generation! As a result, the exact content of my job is flexible and I am given all the space I need to fill the role myself. In practice, I work closely with all the auditors in the office. I am responsible for completing tasks and monitoring the quality of all files and work.

How did you come to join The Audit Generation?

I was in the car back home listening to the podcast that Mark was on, the founder of The Audit Generation. The way of working and the vision of Mark and his company really appealed to me. Once I got home, I started looking at the website out of curiosity. I was actually not looking for a new job, but I texted Mark anyway. We met for a coffee and after that I made the choice to switch to a new job as a senior manager at the Audit Generation.

What do you enjoy most about working at The Audit Generation?

I enjoy working with clients the most and fortunately The Audit Generation gives me plenty of opportunity to do so. At my previous job I was mainly occupied with indirect tasks, but now I can work with many different types of clients. Everyday I’m busy with everything I like doing most. That’s great!

In addition, we work in a relatively small and young team, which means that there is a friendly atmosphere in which everyone is willing to work hard. That’s our strength!

“The Audit Generation does a different job.” How?

The Audit Generation is different because of its informal atmosphere. Even though hard work is the standard here, you are not burdened with unnecessary workload. So you certainly don’t see a 50-hour workweek here. It’s a 40-hour workweek and that’s it!

Furthermore, there is a big difference in terms of content. At The Audit Generation a lot of attention is paid to data analysis: this is the basis of every audit here. I’ve seen that very different before. At The Audit Generation there is a dedicated data analysis team that specializes in this. That makes our expertise rock solid!

Fun and personal growth are pillars of The Audit Generation. How does that manifest itself in real life?

There is plenty of room for personal growth here and that manifests itself in a variety of ways. As a senior manager I am involved in all aspects of the work. I think that’s extremely valuable and it gives me the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge everywhere. In this profession, you are constantly learning anyway and if you need a course or coaching, you can simply indicate it. I haven’t done that yet, but I think it’s a good idea for the future.

As for the fun… yes, those are the outings! Last year, for example, we went Formula 1 driving in a simulation, which was really awesome! Whereas many auditors think in terms of productive hours and use the time-is-money principle, for The Audit Generation it was more important to do this together..

Why do you think the auditors at The Audit Generation are “the new generation of auditors”?

The combination of a small and dynamic team in which we do things just a little differently simply works very well. Innovation and data-analytics are key at The Audit Generation. Many large offices still struggle with that title, but we as a relatively small office are proactive and progressive in that respect. Furthermore, a lot of attention is paid to the work-life balance here.

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