Audit financial statements

Our audits meet all requirements! We deliver value to our customers and all stakeholders involved with our data driven innovative audit approach. Your financial statements are compliant and we increase value by providing new insights based on your and market data.

Auditing financial statements is highly specialized and our quality driven approach delivers value. We continuously automate our processes, use an innovative risk-based approach and work with experienced auditors to ensure a high quality of your audit. This way we can promise a price quality guarantee.

When is an audit required?

The audit of financial statements is required by law (audit requirement) if you meet two of the following criteria for at least two consecutive years:

  • Revenues exceed € 12 million;

  • Total assets exceed € 6 million;

  • Over 50 employees.

Purpose of an audit

Auditing your financial statements serves several purposes. You share reliable financial information about your business to all stakeholders.

In addition, the purpose of the audit is to give you an insight into how your company is performing compared to other businesses in your industry. We analyze your operational processes and benchmark this to the industry standard. This way the audit of the financial statements has great added value to you and your company.

Voluntary audit

Would you like an audit for your foundation, association or company that does not (yet) meet the legal criteria for a mandatory audit? We are willing to help you meet this requirement.

Our auditors have experience in auditing the financial statements of associations and foundations. We understand the challenges of your organization and responsibilities you have to take care of. We also specialize in the Standards for Remuneration Act (‘Wet Normering Topinkomens’) and the issuing of subsidy statements (subsidieverklaringen). This way you are guaranteed an efficient and high quality audit even in the case of a voluntary audit.

Why should you engage with The Audit Generation?

  • Better insight into your operational processes as a result of our data analysis.

  • Efficient audits due to automated processes.

  • Quickly and easily upload your supporting documents into an online portal.

  • Out-of-the-box mentality.

  • Always informed on the progress of your audit financial statement through an online portal.

  • A unique fixed price guarantee and short lead time.

  • Our audit firm is certified by the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Are you ready for the Audit generation?