Preparation of the financial statements

A private limited liability company is obliged to prepare financial statements and file them with the Chamber of Commerce each year. For many entrepreneurs this can be time consuming, stressful or lead to mistakes. We would like to take care of this obligation and prepare your financial statements accurately for you.

How do we prepare your financial statements?

In order to prepare your financial statements, you will provide us with your information and supporting documents through our online portal. We use your data and prepare your financial statements. This automated process enables us to work efficiently. This is more cost effective!

What components does a prepared financial statement consist of?

A financial statement consists of three parts:

  1. balance sheet: a photo of your company’s financial status at a certain point in time;
  2. income statement: a statement of your company’s income and expenses during the year;
  3. Disclosures in relation to the accounting policies applied and the most significant accounts and transactions.

We love to prepare your financial statements

  • We take care of the work and it saves you time.

  • Quickly and easily upload your supporting documents into an online portal.

  • A unique fixed price guarantee and short lead time.

  • Always informed about the progress of your audit through the online portal.

  • Quality ensured!

Are you ready for the Audit generation?